Apps To Monitor Child’s Location

Geolocation apps ideal for parents and children, as they are able to show the location of another connected mobile phone.

The children are on vacation wanting to step on the beach, go to the bush or spend a few days in a camp with their friends. In many cases, parents’ biggest fear during the summer is losing their children out of sight. But some mobile applications help keep this from happening. The ones analyzed below are apps – loved by some and rejected by others – that avoid unpleasant scares, since they locate the little ones thanks to the geolocation of the connected devices, showing the exact location.
Apps for parents: where is my child?

5 Apps to find your Kids

Family Locator

It is an application designed to be able to locate exactly the members of the family and is characterized by having a simple interface. It works in such a way that it requires the user to add their contacts one by one by entering their name, phone number and email account. Once this registration is done, the user will be able to find their children on a map that is updated in real time.

The Family Locator app also has a paid version, which provides a history of the children’s locations, so the user can monitor which sites they visit or where their children are.

This application is free and available from the App Store and Google Play.

Where Is

This mobile app for Android and iOS is very useful for parents’ peace of mind and children’s safety. Adults have children tracked via GPS and younger children can warn their parents with a single click to pick them up at a specific point or send them a distress note in case they are lost. Thanks to this type of functionality, it is much easier for parents to locate their children and see where their relatives are on a map, anywhere and in real time.

It also offers two real-time indicators, “at home” and “at school”, where the user will know if their children are at home or at school with just a glance at the screen, as the application sends a notification when children arrive or leave the respective place.

Find My iPhone

Although the main purpose of Search My iPhone is to identify the location of a device and not people, it is one of the most commonly used tools to find the owner of the iPhone. This app is a free Apple gadget and is therefore only available for the iOS operating system. This way, if a child uses an iPhone, it will be easily located.

In order to use it, the user must link the device to an Apple ID and enter the email account with which it was associated and the password. This way they can access the app and find the device by geolocation from any iPhone.

In addition, if the phone is stolen, it offers the option of a remote lock to ensure that the existing information in the terminal (photos, contacts, passwords, documents, etc.) is completely inaccessible.


Life360 is a free application for iOS and Android specifically designed to know the location of family members represented by circles on a map. It works by synchronizing the user’s phone contacts, providing detailed information about the location of each contact. The app also features a panic button, which allows children to send their parents a distress alert. It also has a paid version that provides emergency assistance and even insurance in case of theft.


This application allows you to know the location of your children without the need for both have a similar device, as it works seamlessly between iPhone and Android. The differentiating point of Connect is that it allows you to link telephone contacts, Facebook, Google, Twitter and even LinkedIn to know the location. In addition to offering this service to know the location of children, there is an option to call or send a message.