Best Mobile Apps to protect our Children

There are many ways to define today’s children and their relationship to technology.

Mobile Phone for ChildWhat we can’t deny is that new generations are able to use mobile phones in a way older people can only dream of. A six-year-old is sometimes better at using technology than a 45-year-old adult.

However, the fact that children are so familiar with technology also exposes them to a number of risks that did not exist before the digital age: inappropriate content on the Internet, contact with unrecommended individuals and potentially harmful habits for young children.

However, where there is a but there is always a pro. In that sense, technology itself is the one that will allow us to monitor, watch or supervise the activity of our children in their electronic devices or determine the contents to which they will have access.

Here is an Overview of some of the most useful Applications:

First of all, it should be pointed out that the most advanced mobiles, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the iPhone 5s, already allow the establishment of parental control and restriction systems.

With them we will be able to limit the hours of connection or not to allow the access to certain contents. In addition, in the ‘Children’s Mode’ of the Samsung Galaxy S5 you can customize the functions of the device and make the little ones have access to a special app store that will only collect those that are aimed especially at children.

If you are using Android devices, read this post about the best Parental Apps for Android.


Going into the field of apps, the first one we have to highlight is Qustodio (available for Android and iOS, free), which allows us to restrict content and inform us about what pages and what activity our children do on their devices. Others such as Parental Control (in App Store for 4.99€) allow blocking access to different devices, establish schedules and maximum connection times only accessible through a password installed by parents.

Parental Control

There are other applications that allow you to monitor the content your children visit and consume. An example is Parental Control (In Google Play, free), which restricts access to applications, calls and messages in order not to surprise us on the bill. It also allows you to locate where the child is by means of the GPS incorporated in most smartphones.

Kid Safe Tube

Others such as Kid Safe Tube (in App Store) is a video platform similar to Youtube but with content aimed at children. Entertainment and fun without danger. Within this platform you can make a selection of videos (in case there are some that we do not want our children to see) and we can also know which are the ones they have seen.

With Parental Control Client (in Google Play Store, downloadable for free) we will be able to monitor the contents that the child visits and manages in order to avoid cyberbullying and cyberbullying, as well as offering us the possibility of controlling the location of the mobile phone.

Children’s Mode

For its part, the Children’s Mode app (in Play Store for free) is a kind of virtual world, in which we can include applications, videos and content we want for small … Children’s Mode also restricts the advertising that appears on the terminal and does not allow the child to leave the application to the general interface of Android without entering a password by the parent.


Then there is a Browser for Apple Computers especially for kids, which is a great alternative to Safari. The free browser is called Mobicip and can be downloaded here. It already comes with certain in-built restrictions and blockings, so your kids can surf safely and age-appropriate with it. The browser allows to adjust the settings according to the age of your kid.